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A Blue Day At Sea – Cute Art Drawings

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Cute Art Drawings – A Blue Day At Sea

Hi everyone! Today my father posted this picture which I decided would be called “A Blue at At Sea”. I haven’t seen this drawing in a very long time so I don’t completely know what inspired me to draw this. But I do know at the time I was very proud of it and I still am proud of it.

It’s very different from how I draw today, but I like the how there there is good balance if realism and cartoon details.

And you might want to know how I draw now so let me tell you, I mainly do realism and lots of shading. As you might notice in the bottom right hand corner of the page, there is a little drawing of coral, I do know what is what I was the most proud out of the whole page.

Have a good day! TYSM for reading and for viewing my cute art drawing!

Fox Family Bond – Art Drawing Images

Art Drawing Images

Fox Family Bond

Hey everyone!

Today I’m going to be telling you about this Fox picture I drew. Now if you guys read the description on my other fox drawing you would know that I drew that quite a long time ago and I feel that I’ve definitely improved over the years and as you may also know is that I mentioned trying to do a series dedicated to re drawing  my old pictures to give everyone an idea of how I draw today.

So this fox drawing is the first out of the series so far but I know that this won’t be the last of the series. Alright know I’ll tell you about the picture.

So for this is a realistic drawing I made as an attempt to recreate my other more cartoon fox into what it would look like as realistic.

All I used to create this was colored pencils, a normal pencil, and a thin sharpie to make for example the ears darker.To also make this I used a reference picture to get it as realistic as possible. Now what I did to draw it was just a matter of doing a light sketch then to start lightly putting on the colored pencil and building up the color.

Thanks for reading and checking out my website.