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Water Paint Art by Lizbeth

Water Paint Art

Painted Art by Lizbeth

Water paint can be a lot of fun, be creative with simple tools like water paint, this is one of my paintings, very colorful and simple! Hope everyone likes it, feel free to leave a comment or if you have questions post them below and I will be more than happy to answer!

You can see on my art the use of bright yellow and blue colors, very abstract and fun art for kids!

Art Drawing Ideas – Shopkins

Art Drawing Ideas

Art Drawing Ideas

Hey everyone! Today I’ll be telling you guys about this picture,how and why I was inspired to create this drawing .

So,when I was younger I used to love Shopkins, so I tried drawing a couple at the time.In my opinion they didn’t turn out that bad.I will say though,I liked this one more than others.

Now,that,that was said,I’ll tell you guys how I actually drew this. So, as I’ve always known myself using I of course did a quick sketch of the Shopkin and after making a bunch of corrections I probably went in with Crayola Colored pencils and used my Shopkin  as a reference to do the color.

Quick tip,when it comes to colored pencils,never color harshly so your less likely to have a scratchy  looking drawing. Go lightly to build for a up color for a smoother transition between colors.

Thysm for reading.

Bye guys!!